One year anniversary

Posted by on Dec 10, 2009 | 0 comments

It was a year ago today that I cranked up Gumbo Radio. Now there’s 6,350 songs in regular rotation and over 15 days worth of music. Although the playlist revolves around Louisiana’s music, it isn’t limited to just songs from Louisiana. Really it’s a mix of whatever I think will sound best, with Louisiana as the basis.

Last week, I set up the Gumbo Radio shop, in partnership with Amazon. I’m in the process of building it out, but right now you can search through all of Amazon’s products right from the Gumbo Radio homepage. Every purchase made at Amazon through Gumbo Radio helps float a few coins my way to offset the broadcast expenses.

Within the past year, I’ve reconditioned my old iMac to serve as the central broadcast hub, bought a NAS drive to house the music library, and upgraded my Internet connection to LUS fiber. A few bucks have been spent along with way, in addition to the annual web hosting fees and Live365’s streaming audio fees. So if you’ve got a paltry $5 (or even more) you’re dying to part with, please consider helping defray the cost of Gumbo Radio. Just click on the donate button on the Gumbo Radio homepage.

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